Saturday, February 3, 2007

Daydreaming in the Digital Age

I love surfing the web. And since I've grown tired of all the super catty celebrity blogs (except Go Fug Yourself and Gallery of the Absurd, which are genius), my new obsession is what I refer to as "design blogs," blogs which showcase fabulous design, whether it be fashion, ephemera and stationery, textiles, interior design, or whatever. I can't get enough of them! They bring together two of my favorite pastimes: web surfing and daydreaming about beautiful things I hope to own one day. My two current favorites are My Marrakesh and Athena Says. I love almost everything I've seen on their sites so far.

Anyhoo, since I spend so much time surfing...and reading other people's blogs, my wonderful husband, James, has been suggesting for some time that I start my own blog. And so I am. I have my doubts about whether anyone will ever want to read it, but I figure it will be something fun for me to do -- and at least a bit more productive than just surfing. Now I'll be surfing, posting images, and writing! At least a little bit. So, to begin, here's just a few broad categories of things that I find beautiful:

Folk Art

I am drawn to folk art from all over the world, but particularly from Eastern Europe (must be the Hungarian blood), Turkey, Morocco, and India. I am constantly looking for pieces with a folk-art flare.

Art Nouveau

I love all things Art Nouveau. The sensual curves, the focus on natural beauty. Even the most mundane things (like the letter holder at left) become beautiful objets d'art.

Interior Design

I love interior design. I can't tell you how many waking hours I spend daydreaming about how I'd remodel and decorate my house if I could afford it. I could window shop (online, on the street, or in the pages of home decor magazines and catalogs) all day long. My tastes are, I think, at once quirky and refined. Maybe not. I'm certainly no expert. But I know what I like.

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My Marrakech said...

This reminds me of a havali I once stayed in in Rajasthan. *magical*

My Marrakech said...

Oh eeek! I just saw that my blog is actually in this post! I am so glad it is of inspiration to someone! I love Athena says, too - Jen is super talented and the person who did my blog banner.

Sara said...

So many beautiful Moroccan inspired designs on your blog! They're some of my favorites.