Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Thrill of the Hunt

I am an avid bargain hunter. As a lower-middle class kid, I was forced to do most of my back-to-school clothes shopping at thrift stores, which I loathed. Soon, I developed an eye for funky, vintage pieces and created my own, unique "look." Eventually, I learned to enjoy shopping at thrift stores and came to love the hunt for fabulous finds at bargain prices.

Today, I still love the hunt. I have more money than my family did then, but I'm certainly not rich. With a professor husband and me in publishing (not too terribly well-paid careers), I'm always on the lookout for a good deal. And now that we're beginning to spend thousands of dollars on trying to start a family, my hunting skills are in even higher demand.

So, on the chance that there may be some other bargain hunters out there, I've decided to start what will hopefully become a semi-regular post topic: The Thrill of the Hunt. With these posts, I'll share my latest killer bargain finds.

This week I found this cute little Moroccan Plant Stand from Collections Etc. It reminds me of the Moroccan Tables at Garnet Hill. The Garnet Hill tables cost $128, which isn't too bad, and they're probably made with higher quality materials. But if you're on a tight budget, the Collections Etc. table might be more your speed since it will only put you out by $14.99! Ah, I love a good bargain.
Happy Hunting!


kstyle said...

I'm going to love this ost topic. k

My Marrakech said...

That is a crazily good deal!!!!Thanks.:-)

Gypsy Purple said...

Now those posts I know I will love!!!

I`m a serial browser and think we will make a great pair

Di Overton said...

Great find

Tina said...

I love your blog and noticed that you had favorite online store links. If you like this store: could you add it to your list? Just a thought. I just love all their cute baby clothes that they have!!! Thanks! :)